Sasha Guzman, 2013 CFA Society of Los Angeles Teacher of the Year


Los Angeles High School Teacher Recognized with CFA Society Los Angeles (CFALA) Teacher of The Year Award

Sasha Guzman was recently honored for exceptional teaching achievement in economics and financial literacy, using California Council on Economic Education programs.

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 11, 2013) — It is encouraging for students and the public to see school teachers shine. On January 30, 2013, Sasha Guzman’s star shone bright.

Kerry Rapanot, Chair of the 2013 Economic and Investments Forecast Dinner Committee, awarded Guzman the prestigious CFA Society Los Angeles, CFALA Teacher of The Year Award for exceptional achievement in the classroom.

Guzman is a dedicated Social Studies teacher with 10 years of experience at Student Empowerment Academy/New Technology High School in Los Angeles.

This autonomous, small school is housed on the campus of Thomas Jefferson High School in South Los Angeles. With an LMI of 88%, the school serves a community that is critically important to CCEE’s mission of bringing finance education to communities in need. “As a novice econ teacher I would have been lost without CCEE,” Guzman humbly noted.

The Forecast Dinner is a CFA Society Los Angeles (CFALA) fundraiser that supports CCEE-administered programs, like Capital Markets Contest and Financial Advisor Challenge, while advancing the mission of the CFA Society Los Angeles (CFALA) financial literacy program.

“Sasha brings economics and personal finance alive for her students, highlighting critical knowledge contained in economics and financial literacy,” said Roger Gewecke, CFA Society Los Angeles (CFALA) President. “All of us at CFALA support the work of teachers like Sasha with financial capital, and human capital through our members acting as mentors to teachers and students in Los Angeles County.”

“We are delighted to participate in this worthy effort supported and sponsored by CFA Society Los Angeles (CFALA),” said William Coffin, CCEE Chairman. “With their financial and mentor support, CCEE is able to honor talented teachers like Sasha and provide financial literacy programs to hundreds of teachers and thousands of Los Angeles students throughout the year.”


About California Council on Economic Education

For nearly a half-century, California Council on Economic Education, CCEE, a nonprofit organization, has been dedicated to advancing the economic reasoning and financial literacy of Californians. CCEE prepares students to participate in the global economy by providing educational programs and materials to K–12 teachers. Information about professional development for teachers, workshops, programs and student contests can be found at www.ccee.org.

About CFA Society Los Angeles

The CFA Society Los Angeles (CFALA) promotes financial expertise, integrity and professional skills among our members and CFA charter candidates. We improve the quality of financial decision making throughout society by developing our members’ ability to provide valuable leadership for their clients, firms and the CFA Institute. The means by which we accomplish and communicate our mission includes educational programs, networking events and public advocacy.



William Coffin, Chairman
California Council on Economic Education

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