Date:February 10, 2014


EconChallenge is a national competition for high school students


Grades Characteristics Cost
  • Local and regional competitions
  • Cash prizes, trophies and trip to New York City for top teams
  • Hosted by California Council on Economic Education since 2003
  • Helps students become college and career ready


Competition Levels

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  1. Local competition
  2. Regional finals
  3. Top three teams and their teachers are rewarded with cash prizes; top team wins a trip to New York City


  • Promote understanding of how the U.S. economy works in a global competition
  • Eliminate the victim mentality many students have; A national test showed that 54% of high school students failed to understand and possess economic literacy
  • Connect the concepts of skills and high-paying jobs to help students develop marketable skills
  • Teach students to win in life by knowing the rules of the global market game

Sample Tests

See if you’ve got what it takes to complete in the National Economics Challenge by completing the following sample tests.


The following tests are similar to what will be used in Round I-III of the National Semi-Finals and Finals competitions. Each test consists of 15, five-option, multiple-choice questions, and participants in the actual competitions will have 20 minutes to complete each test. For a more detailed explanation of how the competition works and is scored, visit our participant info page.

David Ricardo Division


Adam Smith Division


Round IV

Round IV of the Nationl Finals is the Critical Thinkiing round. In 2012, the pilot year for this round, teams had 30 minutes to prepare an economics analysis and maximum of 10 minutes to present. Following presentation, judges asked questions of he team members for 5-10 minutes.
The following are examples of Critical Thinking round questions.



Round V in the National Finals has a quiz-bowl format covering all topics in economics. The following Quiz Bowl Simulation can be used in preparation for the competition.


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Watch a video of the 2011 National Economics Challenge Championship in New York City, where San Jose, California’s Harker School took third place nationally.