Client:MoneyWise Teen
Date:January 02, 2012

MoneyWise Teen Contest

The MoneyWiseTeen Contest Teaches Economic Reasoning with a Fun Team-Based Project!

Grades Characteristics Cost
  • Involves students of all skill and knowledge levels in a team-based activity
  • Connects students with economics to foster deeper learning in a creative context
  • Based on an internationally recognized and award-winning web-based program
  • Helps students use economic reasoning to become college and career ready


  1. Students study the ten (10) modules either in class or on their own. Modules available at or on our YouTube channel
  2. Teachers prepare the students using the MoneyWiseTeen Teachers Manual and Lesson Plans to teach Economic Reasoning. Additional lessons found on the MoneyWiseTeen Program page
  3. Students prepare a 3-5 minute video illustrating one of the economic concepts taught in the lessons. Students may use their phone, video camera, digital camera or webcam. High-quality resolution is not required. Students may choose ONE of the following topics:
    • Scarcity and Economics
    • Choice and Opportunity Cost
    • Human Capital
    • Compound Interest
    • Price Determination** (3 extra points for this topic)
    • Benefit/Cost Analysis** (3 extra points for this topic)
    • Marginal Thinking** (3 extra points for this topic)
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  4. Videos must be uploaded online to CCEE by November 20th 5pm PST.
  5. Winners will be announced on December 4th, 2013.
  6. Each member of the winning team and the teacher receives $500, 2nd place $300, and 3rd place $150.


Submit your video

  • Click on the button below to open the upload page
  • Choose the file from your computer. Use file name format: [YourSchoolName]/[ConceptCoveredInTheVideo]“
  • Supported video formats are:  mov, mpeg4, avi, wmv, mpegps, flv, 3gpp, webM.
  • Click the upload video button
  • Fill up the form below to inform us of your submission.
  • If you are having problems, Please email Ginger Markevicius, CCEE Director of Teacher Relations, announcing your submission
  • All submissions will receive a confirmation notice with 24 hours



Teachers say students learn about personal finance, but also gain confidence in project-based group work by competing in the MoneyWiseTeen Contest.

See our YouTube channel with past participants and winners of the MoneyWise Teen competition:
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