Date:January 01, 2012

MoneyWise Teen Resources

MoneyWise Teen Program was developed to help students develop the reasoning skills necessary for economic self-reliance.

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  1. Developed by CCEE, the MoneyWise Teen Program was developed to help students develop the reasoning skills necessary for economic self-reliance. Once students obtain these skills, they understand that their decisions have powerful results in the short and long term. They will learn that they are personally responsible for their choices, and the results of their choices.The program includes 10 modules on the following concepts:
    • Scarcity and Alternatives
    • Budget and Opportunity Cost
    • Credit and the Margin
    • Benefit/Cost Analysis
    • The How and Why of Prices
    • Human Capital
    • Why Save? The Power of Compound Interest
    • Paying for College
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    The program includes questions and activities for students at the end of each module to test their understanding.

    The MoneyWise Teen Contest (click here for more information) is a wonderful motivator and assessment tool to test the concepts covered in the MoneyWise Teen Program.


    The Teacher Guide helps teachers lead students through the lessons with hands on, experience-based activities.

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    The following lessons support the Economic Concepts taught in MoneyWiseTeen. These lessons are helpful for those classrooms participating in the MoneyWise Teen Contest, where more in-depth knowledge of the concepts is required to produce the student videos.


Concept Lessons Videos for Classroom Use
Scarcity & Alternatives The South Decision to Secede? A Violation of Self-Interest? Scarcity
Opportunity Cost Buying vs. Renting
Opportunity Cost
Opportunity Cost
Credit Learning About Credit Card Use
My Credit Rating: Why Should I Care?
Thinking at the Margin Dumptown USA: Making a Ton of Difference Thinking at the Margin

MWT: Lesson #3
Cost/Benefit Analysis Utility
The Economics of Homebuying
Decision-Making, Cost/Benefit Analysis
MWT: Lesson #6
Cost/Benefit Analysis Apron
The How & Why of Prices Is the Price of Gasoline Really Too High? Markets & Prices
MWT: Lesson #5
Human Capital Learning to Interview Lesson Plan for Teachers
Resume Lesson Plan
Mock Interviews Lesson Plan for Teachers
Capital Investments: Human v. Physical
Human Capital
MWT: Lesson #7
Why Save? The Power of Compound Interest A Penny Saved
The Compound Interest Calculator
Interactive Compound Interest Tool
Compound Interest
Paying for College You’re Going to College
The 411 on College Education
Big Future: By the College Board
MWT: Lesson #10