Contests are an excellent tool for strengthening students’ knowledge of the course material and help build teamwork skills. Some of these contests are just for California students and are managed by CCEE and others are national programs. Participating students can win cash prizes and trips to test their knowledge against students from around the state or country.


Online! Join other California high school students and compete in this economics smack down! Winning teams in 2 divisions from northern and southern California will attend a national champion ship in New York City. Click here for details.

Financial Advisors Contest

Students prepare diverse investment portfolios and play the role of financial advisor.

MoneyWise Teen Contest

The MoneyWiseTeen Contest Teaches Economic Reasoning with a Fun Team-Based Project! Grades Characteristics Cost 7–12 Involves students of all skill and knowledge levels in a team-based activity Connects students with economics to foster dee

MoneyWise Teen Resources

MoneyWise Teen Program was developed to help students develop the reasoning skills necessary for economic self-reliance. Click here to Download the MoneyWise Teen Videos MONEYWISE TEEN PROGRAM Competition Developed by CCEE, the MoneyWise Te